Health capsules

Water therapy or hydrotherapy is an efficient treatment for improving the general condition of the body and for rehabilitation. 

The health capsule / energy capsule has been created to increase the general wellbeing of the body. To get the best results, various functions of the capsules are combined – water massage, light, herbal and aroma therapy, steam and infrared and vibromassage. Nice relaxing music is playing in the background.   

The Wellspa capsules are mainly intended for use in spa centres. The capsule gives a sense of wellbeing and greater satisfaction to every spa user.

A better and healthier life

Water therapies have a healing effect. Water therapies relieve muscle tension, alleviate joint pain, relax, stimulate the metabolism. reduce stress, increase the oxygen level of blood and contribute to the natural healing processes of the body.

The health capsule / energy capsule by Wellsta Dermalife™ gives a powerful relaxing and emotional charge, quickly relieving the body and mind of any tensions and resulting in a complete feeling of wellbeing.