Elegant design of a spa and finishing that blends with the surroundings of the installed spa are equally important.   Lounge series offer wide choice of finishing options as spa paneling is offered both in quality natural wood and composite finishing. 
  Natural wood paneling has its benefits of natural look and virtually unlimited finishing options. You are able to choose from our standard wooden panel finishing or have it custom toned that perfectly matches terrace or house finishing color. Maintenance free composite panelling with UV protection is the most durable panelling material for all-season outdoor exposure for many years. Wellspa offers brown and grey composite paneling.

Handcrafted quality  
At Wellspa we value skills, experience and dedication that deliver personal touch to every detail of a spa. That is why our tailor-made spas offer more customisation and higher quality than of larger productions. Traditionally we have been engineering and manufacturing spas for demanding Scandinavian weather conditions. Since harsh conditions demand choice of higher quality materials, better durability and higher efficiency, we offer more value and reliability than most. 

All our spas are handmade by well-trained craftsmen with years of experience of building high quality spas. Every stage of production is well controlled, tested and recorded and all spas pass rigorous functional and safety testing before delivery.