Therapeutic and Relaxing Hydromassage Experience with Thoughtfully Designed Jets Placement

Optimum positions of the jets, the adjusting of jet strength and direction allow for maximum relaxation and enjoyment. 

Small water jets provide massage of even pressure for a certain small area. Medium-sized and big jets are rotating, providing circular intensive massage to an area of varying radius. With airscrews it is possible to increase or decrease the inclusion of air into water jets, and to change the water pressure with it. Thereby you can enjoy massages of varying intensity.

Lounge series outdoor spas feature flat water jets, intensity of which can be changed individually. To adjust the water flow simply turn the outer ring of the water jet. In order to increase the water pressure turn the ring clockwise, to reduce the water pressure turn it counterclockwise. Reducing pressure in one or more jets increases pressure in other jets.

As a unique option, Wellspa Lounge series outdoor spas can be provided with additional jets for taller people. Wellspa is the only company in the world who offers this special option.