Chromotherapy or color therapy uses visible electromagnetic radiation spectrum aka color. Chromotherapy is a method in alternative medicine that uses colors and light to achieve a person’s physical, emotional, mental and psychic equilibrium. Every color possesses its own unique properties that have an effect on our body, senses and emotions. Exposure to different colors is used to improve our wellbeing.

A brief overview on the effects of the colors on the body:
Red – increases vitality, improves blood circulation, stimulates senses
Orange – refreshing, helps to restore, encourages optimism
Yellow – increases overall sense of wellbeing and happiness, stimulates the work of lymphatic glands
Green – soothing and renewing, supports equilibrium and harmony of senses
Blue – reduces stress and general anxiety; aids in lowering the blood pressure
Violet – relaxes muscles and calms nervous system, reduces anxiety and increases creativity
White – balances senses, helps to restore the inner rhythm of the body; stimulates the production of serotonin that helps to regulate sleep and nervous system.